• Jeanne Johnson

    Housley Will Build Consensus at the Capitol

    This election season, we need to take into consideration the real life issues that our friends, neighbors, relatives, and we personally are facing.

    The time for rampant spending with reckless disregard of its impact on families and businesses has to cease. As a state and nation, we must elect responsible people to represent us who will make common sense decisions, insist on balanced budgets, and allow no more waste. Responsible government is long overdue.

    For this reason, I’m supporting Karin Housley for our state senator. In our community and at the State Capitol, Housley brings practical, real-life business experience and proven leadership.

    At the Capitol, Housley will build consensus while working on the challenges Minnesota faces, including budget challenges, identifying and eliminating wasteful programs, addressing the business environment, and getting her constituents back to work.

    Karin Housley has the knowledge, the ability, and the desire to strongly advocate on our behalf. Karin Housley knows our community and knows us!

    Dave and Jeanne Johnson

    104 N Harriet Street

    Stillwater, MN 55082

    651-439-2113hm/ 612-325-0527 cell