College Graduates

Students from several St. Croix Valley communities were awarded degrees recently by local and national colleges and universities. The following is a list of those students, the schools they graduated from and degrees they earned.

Winona State University

Lauren Heuer, Lake Elmo, BS, business administration

Amanda Wheatley, Lake Elmo, BS, business administration

Kelly Theede, Lakeland, BS, biology

Jamie Kracht, Stillwater, BS, nursing

Timothy Swenson, Stillwater, BA, mass communication

University of Wisconsin – River Falls

Clarissa Clymer, Afton, BS, animal science

Erik Forstner, Afton, BS, marketing communications

Leslie Thomas, Afton, BS, conservation

Colin Langan, Bayport, BS, animal science

Justin Soine, Bayport, BS, English

Richard Hoffman, Lake Elmo, BS, land use planning

Katie Learn, Lake Elmo, BS, social work

Megan Prokosch, Lake Elmo, BS, business administration

Seth Wier, Lake Elmo, BS, agricultural engineering tech

Sara Fenlon, Lakeland, BS, sociology

Scott Adolphson, Oak Park Heights, BS, geography

Buddy Yantz, Oak Park Heights, BS, food science & technology

Brian Cote, Stillwater, BS, biology

Nicole Jensen, Stillwater, BS, English

Colleen Kopel, Stillwater, BS, health & human performance

Jordan Langer, Stillwater, BS, journalism

Nick Mancino, Stillwater, BS, business administration

Jennifer Molitor, Stillwater, BS, business administration

Kristen Opperman, Stillwater, BS, communication studies

Josh Pritchett, Stillwater, BS, music

John Reagan, Stillwater, BS, economics

Matthew Shoemaker, Stillwater, BS, communication studies

Emily Terwedo, Stillwater, BS, psychology

KayeLea Tyler, Stillwater, BS, accounting

Brian Wolfgram, Stillwater, BS, agricultural engineering tech

St. Norbert College

Arthur Cohen, Afton, bachelor of arts

Thomas Paul Fioritto, bachelor of business administration