Boutwells plans Voter ID debate

OAK PARK HEIGHTS – Should people need photo identification to vote? Political leaders in St. Paul have turned that question over to the voters.

Boutwells Landing Senior Living Center hosts a debate on the Voter ID state constitutional amendment at 2 p.m. Wednesday in the facility’s Town Hall.

Speaking in support of the amendment are Andy Cilek of the Minnesota Voters Alliance and Lucky Rosenbloom, a member of the State Council on Black Minnesotans. Speaking in opposition are Carolyn Jackson of the American Civil Liberties Union and Jeffrey Martin of the NAACP.

"Controversial subjects like this need centers like Boutwells to take the lead in getting information to voters," said Greg Carlson, the executive director of Boutwells Landing. "Therefore, we have arranged for a debate to be held in our Town Hall. While our policy is to ‘Disagree without being disagreeable.’ I am certain that the participants will not shrink from controversy."

Boutwells invites political leaders and concerned citizens from adjoining communities to participate in the meeting.

"When hard decisions are let to the voters it is our duty as citizens to get informed and vote," Carlson adds.

Boutwells Landing at 5600 Norwich Parkway in Oak Park Heights. For information call George Prill at 651-275-5246.