Blowing in the wind

Afton-Lakeland Elementary School fourth- and fifth-graders are spending the week with Science Museum representatives learning about energy and engineering, thanks to a Partnership Plan grant. This weeklong program is part of a science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) initiative.

Autumn Yangwakue and Isaac Swain, top photo, worked on creating a product that would rise out of a wind tube. Both student teams had to measure their product’s weight and calculate how to reach their goals.

The program, called "Energy Engineering," focuses on teaching students engineering standards and applying their knowledge in learning activities. On Wednesday, the students were able to use different supplies, including coffee filters, paper cups, aluminum foil and yarn, to create a product to test in a wind tube. Students had to figure out how to make their product produce a certain motion within the wind tube, whether it’s hovering, sinking to the bottom or rising up and out of the wind tube.