New Heights School K-12

  • New Heights School K-12
  • 614 W. Mulberry St.
  • Stillwater, MN 55082
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Thomas Kearney, Principal
Phone: 651-439-1962
Fax: 651-439-0716

Be at peace with where your K-12 student learns

1. First and foremost, each student is taught at his or her level. This is the educational ideal. All students can succeed here. We proudly make this claim.

2. Our fine and dedicated faculty know each individual student well and believe this is crucial. We know our students.

3. New Heights is small. Class size is small. Students enjoy smaller social networks. We know this promotes calm.

4. Our students have no worries about being chosen last or not being included. We choose them all.

A K-12 School promoting calm, structure and instruction for each individual.

Please consider the four points. If you agree they are important and want this kind of education for your student, delivered by a talented and dedicated faculty, call Thomas Kearney for a chat and/or tour. Get your student on a great new positive path for fall.

Call 651-439-1962 for an appointment.

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