AUGUST 10, 2017 6:00 P.M.


I. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m.

II. Roll Call: Present: George Hoeppner, chair; Paula OLoughlin, vice chair; Tom Lehmann, treasurer; Jennifer Pelletier, clerk; Shelley Pearson, director; Mike Ptacek, director; Sarah Stivland, director; Superintendent Pontrelli (ex-officio)

III. Pledge of Allegiance: Chair Hoeppner led Pledge of Allegiance.

IV. District Mission and School Board Goals: The mission statement was read by Member Ptacek and the goals were read by Member Pearson.

V. Approval of the Agenda

The agenda for the meeting was approved.

Motion by: Sarah Stivland; Second by: Mike Ptacek; Vote: 7 ayes, 0 nays, Motion Carried.

VI. Introductory Items

A. District Recognition

1. Superintendent Pontrelli introduced Dr. George Nolan as the new director of personalized learning and Ms. Amy Berge as the new director of early childhood education.

VII. Open Forum (2 speakers)

1. Carl Blondin, 617 Sunrise Ave, Stillwater, expressed concerns that board members should act with civility and support to district employees.

2. DeeDee Armstong, 3085 St. Croix Trl, Afton, spoke of data practices and questions why it takes so long to get a response from administration.

VIII. Consent Agenda

A. Minutes of July 13, 2017 School Board Meeting

B. Minutes of July 27, 2017 School Board Meeting

C. Disbursement Register July 21 through August 3, 2017

D. Human Resources Personnel Report

E. Twin City Transportation Agreement

Motion by: Lehmann; Second by: Stivland; Vote: 7 ayes, 0 nays, Motion Carried.

IX. Reports

A. Special Education Study Results

Mr. Lee, director of student support services, provided a summary of the results of the recent study performed by Holt Consulting Group. The purpose of the study is to determine program effectiveness in supporting positive outcomes for students receiving special education services, and to identify areas of strength and areas for improvement in the organization and in the delivery of services to reach the desired outcomes.

B. School Board Self-Evaluation

Board members discussed the results of their self-evaluation noting:

– The need to review their Board Governance Process policies

– The need to define board governance

– The need to keep working towards a balanced budget

– The need to seek input from residents in the community

– The need to monitor the Results policy

X. Action Items

A. 2017-2018 District Handbook

Ms. Keister presented the District Handbook noting that all of the information lives on line and can be maintained and kept current much more easily now.

Motion by: George Hoeppner; Second by: Tom Lehmann; Vote: 7 ayes, 0 nays, Motion Carried.

Ms. Larson, director of personal learning, requested approval of the plan. The school board members received the plan at their May 25 learning session.

Motion by: Pearson; Second by: OLoughlin; Vote: 7 ayes, 0 nays, Motion Carried.

B. Purchase Agreement for Transportation Terminal

Ms. Hoheisel presented the purchase agreement to the school board.

After much discussion Jennifer Pelletier motioned to table this item until the September 14 meeting, Second by: Shelley Pearson; Vote: 6 ayes, 1 nay (Hoeppner), Motion Carried.

C. 2017-2018 School Board Memberships

The school board approved memberships in the MN School Boards Association, MN State High School League, and the Association of Metropolitan School Districts. Member Ptacek requested board members to consider joining Schools for Equity in Education. This will be discussed at the September 14, 2017 business meeting.

Motion by: Jennifer Pelletier; Second by: Sarah Stivland; Vote: 7 ayes, 0 nays, Motion Carried.

XI. Superintendent and Board Member Updates

A. Superintendent Report

Superintendent Pontrelli reported that August 14 is move in day for staff across the district. She also reported that staff across district will participate in a Why exercise and conversation with the building mates.

B. Chairpersons Report

1. Mr. Hoeppner reported on the July 27 retreat.

C. Board Member Reports

1. Mr. Hoeppner attended the MSBA Summer Seminar and distributed information to on evaluation, equity and ESSA to the other board members. He also reported that two golf fundraisers have taken place; one for the basketball team and one for the wrestling team.

2. Ms. Stivland had nothing to report.

3. Ms. Pelletier attended the Garden of Light Tour and announced that The Partnership Plans BooHooYahoo will take place on August 28 and the SAHS Rummage Sale will take place on September 23.

4. Mr. Lehmann reported on the construction progress at the high school.

5. Ms. OLoughlin attended a Teachers of Color conference and thanked community member Ms. Deziel for her participation. She also attended the Gardens of Light Tour and wished the best to all of the students in the upcoming school year.

6. Ms. Pearson had nothing to report.

7. Mr. Ptacek stated he had a copy of the book How We Measure our Schools if a fellow board member would like to read it. He attended the MSBA Summer Seminar, reported on the newest NE Metro 916 building Pankalo and his attendance at the open house, he also reported on the recent NE Metro 916 board meeting.

D. Working Group Reports

1. Ms. Pelletier reported that the policy working group will be scheduling a standing meeting to work on the Statutory Required Policies.

XI. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 8:57 p.m.

Motion by: Tom Lehmann; Second by: Shelley Pearson; Vote: 7 ayes, 0 nays, Motion Carried.

Respectfully submitted, Jennifer Pelletier, school board clerk.

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September 8, 2017


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