Play one-room school games: Hay Lake Speaker Series continues on July 16

The Hay Lake School in 1937. (Photo courtesy of the Washington County Historical Society)

On Sunday, July 16, the Hay Lake School Museum in Scandia will host its third installment of the 2017 “Hay Lake Speaker Series.” Melissa Kneeland will walk attendees through a typical day of a student at a one-room school, including the fun they had with different games and activities.

The Hay Lake School Museum building served children for almost 70 years. Opened in 1896, the Hay Lake School was prominent in the Scandia community for children’s education.

A typical day for a student in a one room school would consist of chores, reading, writing, arithmetic, lunch and, of course, recess. Often recess would happen twice a day.

Melissa Kneeland, an educator by trade, will speak on the different activates children would do to entertain themselves 150 years ago — from indoor games such as buzz saw, tops and marbles, to outdoor games such as helicopters, stick and hoop, Annie over, and others. Kneeland will have many of these games on hand for both parents and students to play.

Event is at 2 p.m. The Hay Lake School Museum is at 14020 195th St. N.

Info: 651-433-4019