How should Washington County look in 2040? Public can give input online

An interactive online tool allows Washington County residents to give input on how they think the county should look in 2040.

The county is in the process of updating its Comprehensive Plan, an official document adopted by the board of commissioners as a policy guide for decisions about the physical development of the county. The plan sets broad policies to direct the county’s future growth and development in the areas of land use, transportation, water resources, parks and trails, housing, economic competitiveness, and resilience and sustainability.

The comprehensive planning process was initiated by the 2010 census and the Metropolitan Council’s adoption of “Thrive MSP 2040,” a vision for the Twin Cities metro area over the next 30 years. The Met Council adopted regional policy plans in the areas of transportation, water resources, parks and housing, and issued system statements. The next step is for local governments to update their comprehensive plans to build upon the regional vision and plans.

Washington County’s planning process is just getting underway. The county is working with a consultant to manage the planning process, produce a final plan that meets the requirements of the Met Council, and engage stakeholders in the process.

The majority of plan development activities will occur in 2017. A six-month review period will precede a public hearing on the plan, both of which will occur in 2018. The updated comprehensive plan is due to the Metropolitan Council by Dec. 31, 2018.

Access the interactive tool at bit.Ly/2sWxC8l.