Lift Bridge celebrates launch of root beer in a can

Lift Bridge root beer is now available in cans at select retailers. (Submitted image)

Lift Bridge Brewing Company of Stillwater is celebrating the release of its root beer in soda cans and in a root beer float available at Sebastian Joe’s beginning this month.

Lift Bridge Root Beer is available at select retailers in 16 oz. cans, as well as at Sebastian Joe’s two locations featured in a limited-time root beer float. To celebrate the collaboration, Lift Bridge hosted a launch event June 10.

The root beer brew, developed in 2015, was previously available exclusively in the Lift Bridge taproom. The root beer is made from only natural ingredients and spices and sweetened with cane sugar. It’s gluten-free and has no preservatives.

“Brewing root beer has always been a fun project for us,” said Brad Glynn, co-founder and COO of Lift Bridge. “We’re excited to make the product more widely available to our customers and offer it in its truest form — a root beer float — at Sebastian Joe’s.”