Hoof Prints: Dunleap brothers receive Eagle Scout award together

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By Emmanuel Kamara
Pony Express

Senior Jackson and junior brother Tyler Dunleap earned themselves the highest rank in the Boy Scout program in the Boys Scouts of America known as the Eagle Scout. Earning an award like this does not come easily.

The brothers have been involved in the scouting association for 11 years, spending five years with the Cub Scouts and six years with the Boy Scouts.

“The word ‘scout’ means to me a hard-working disciplined individual,’’ Tyler said. Earning an Eagle Scout Award takes a lot of responsibilities and determination. Earning this award takes a long time, having to earning 21 merit badges of the 136 merit badges available and complete a big service project and play some leadership roles.

“In the end it was worth because you learn life lessons and how to be a man,” Jackson said. Also being an Eagle Scout means a lot to them because it is a big achievement that is well respected and then can hold onto it for the rest of their lives. Being part of the Scout association helps them with thing they do on a daily basis, like things that may save lives.

“This impacts my life because being an Eagle Scout has taught me things I could have never learned unless I experienced it and it helps others because Boy Scouts do a lot of service and just be able to help others out has been an amazing experience,” Jackson said.

The brothers are hard-working and always helping friends and others in need of help. Both are involved in several school activities, such as track and field, the school wrestling team and football. Jackson always finds a way to get people involved to make them feel welcome and his brother tyler lives up to the same expectation as he looks up to his older brother Jackson.

“Being around my brother has impacted my life because I want to aim as high as him, he is a role model because he works hard and is always on top of things,” Tyler said.

Having older brothers like Jackson and Tyler means they have a lot to achieve as they sets the bar really high for their younger brothers the same way their older brother did for them. They are born leaders and have the abilities of getting others to follow in a positive way.

“Even though he [Jackson] is not a captain on the track team, he still takes charge during warm-ups and is calm and collected during practice. He is serious when he needs to be, and knows when he can have fun,” junior Zachary Johnson said.