Letter: Disappointed in Rep. Kathy Lohmer

To the editor:

As a participant in the recent Water Action Day organized by a coalition of groups concerned with clean water, I was very disappointed in not being able to meet with Representative Kathy Lohmer. She was one of the few legislators that was not available to meet with her constituents. She has supported the House Environmental Omnibus bill that has many concerning provisions, including allowing companies to do their own environmental review (instead of state of Minnesota scientists), delaying standards for phosphorus (which increases algae blooms), removing environmental certificates of need for pipelines (giving eminent domain rights with no public oversight), and removing protections for pollinators (bees that are endangered and necessary for crops) among many other concerning environmentally destructive proposals. I and many of her other constituents wanted to talk with her about why she voted for these proposals. Both Democrats and Republicans want clean water. In addition, 75 percent of Minnesotans do not want rollbacks to our environmental protections. We need to hold our legislators accountable.

Karen Hulstrand

  • Gary Horning

    I have supported Kathy Lohmer each of her elections and have followed her votes, and I can say that Kathy Lohmer is no friend of our environment or natural resources. She will vote on the side of special interests or business even if it degrades our natural resources or the environment. She doesn’t believe the Outdoor Heritage Fund belongs on the constitution even though she strongly believed that gay marriage did. She supported farmers over clean water on the buffer bill even though she has no farmers in her district. She says she supports our outdoors but her votes do not reflect that. No wonder she was afraid to show up at the recent Water Action Day.