Letter: There’s a better solution for Lake Elmo Library

To the editor:

Three women from Lake Elmo were instrumental in providing library services in Washington County. The Honorable Rosalie Wahl was chair of this group.

Washington County opened its very first branch library in Lake Elmo in 1967 (50 years ago). Unfortunately, Washington County was not always supportive of its first library and closed it after reducing hours and programs.

After the closure, the Lake Elmo City Council, Friends of Lake Elmo Library and many volunteers united and created the Lake Elmo Public Library in 2012. The LEPL is the library with a heart in the heart of the city. Our local library and programs have been a huge success that was enjoyed and appreciated by the patrons.

For January 2017 the new Lake Elmo City Council directed the city administrator to negotiate going back into the Washington County Library system. The draft resolution was not in the best interest of the residents and may only keep a library in Lake Elmo for four years.

How can the Lake Elmo Public Library retain its autonomy and still work with Washington County? Easy, just designate the LEPL as an associate of affiliate library in the Washington County system. The county library system gets some additional revenue, and the LEPL remains to serve the residents well into the future.

Susan Dunn
Lake Elmo