Lake Elmo family to appear on ‘Family Feud’ Feb. 13

The Welch family of Lake Elmo will appear in an episode of "Family Feud" to air on Monday, Feb. 13. (Photo courtesy of Family Feud)
The Welch family of Lake Elmo will appear in an episode of “Family Feud” to air on Monday, Feb. 13. (Photo courtesy of “Family Feud”)

A Lake Elmo family will be featured on the TV show “Family Feud” Monday, Feb. 13. The Welch family will appear on the 6:30 p.m. episode on channel 23.

Mike and Tammy Welch with children Danielle, Kelsey and Lindsey went through several rounds of auditions and long days of filming to be a part of the televised game show.

“One of my daughters lives in Colorado and heard there were auditioning families for ‘Family Feud,’ so we decided to all go out and audition together,” Mike Welch said. “It was a fun family weekend, and we were surprised to find out we were being considered to be on the show.”

Welch said that about a month after the live audition in Colorado they received a notice that they could possibly be on a live taping of the show and were invited to go to the studio in Atlanta, Georgia.

“We auditioned again the morning before we were scheduled to film,” Welch said. “It was a real eye-opener.”

Welch said other families that were auditioning had routines planned for their introductions.

“We didn’t have one,” Welch said.

The producers of the show are looking for very enthusiastic responses from the families.

“My wife, Tammy, was a cheerleader at the University of Minnesota, so she is naturally enthusiastic,” Welch said.

Welch said they had a good audition, but were not selected to come and film an episode that afternoon. However, the show said they could come back the next day to audition again.

“I think it was a really good teaching moment as a family, that we didn’t make it the first time,” Welch said. “That night we went back to the hotel and practiced a routine.”

While at the hotel, Welch said they met a family from New Jersey that was also trying out for the Family Feud.

“The show puts you up in a hotel and takes care of you while you are there,” Welch said. “We gave them some tips for the audition and became friends with them.”

The Welch family of Lake Elmo poses with "Family Feud" host Steve Harvey. (Photo courtesy of Family Feud)
The Welch family of Lake Elmo poses with “Family Feud” host Steve Harvey. (Photo courtesy of “Family Feud”)

The next day, the Welch family went back to the studio for the morning auditions with a plan to have a great audition. They were the first family selected that day; their new friends from New Jersey were the second family picked.

“The staff was really great and they coached us through the whole thing,” Welch said. “It was a positive experience.”

Show host Steve Harvey has a morning radio show that he records while auditions take place, Welch said, so they families on the show practice with a stand-in who is “hysterical.”

“Steve comes after lunch and warms up the crowd with about 30 minutes of stand up comedy that he is working on,” Welch said. “He had us in stitches for half an hour.”

The show films several episodes in one day, Welch said, with each episode taking about 90 minutes to film. The film is then edited down to 22 minute shows.

While he can’t say the outcome of the show until the episode airs, Welch said he would “absolutely” recommend other families go on the show.

“You have got to take it seriously, but you also got to have fun,” Welch said.

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