Youth Service Bureau recognizes community service

Jeanine Olson received YSB's "Spirit of the Mission" award. (Submitted photo)
Jeanine Olson received YSB’s “Spirit of the Mission” award. (Submitted photo)

Youth Service Bureau (YSB) recently hosted a recognition event to show their appreciation to donors, community partners, and volunteers, as well as members of their board and staff.

“With nearly 40 years of serving the St. Croix Valley, YSB has benefited from overwhelming support throughout the community,” said Mary E. Planten-Krell, YSB’s executive director. “Our first annual recognition event was our opportunity to publicly thank those who make our work with youth and families possible. We look forward to coming together each fall to celebrate this wonderful partnership!”

At the event YSB presented several formal awards. The Service to Youth Award was presented to Board Chair and President Sheriff William M. Hutton in recognition of his commitment to providing outstanding service to youth and families throughout the community.

YSB’s “Spirit of the Mission” award was presented to staff member Jeanine Olson for her role as a positive spokesperson for the agency, her willingness to share ideas and take on new projects, and her compassion for the clients YSB serves.

YSB also recognized Michael Huntley, M.A., LP for his 25 years of service, as well as a number of community organizations who help support YSB’s Community Work Service program.