NellieBellie: Mini bow and arrow

Follow Nellie Bellie, a team of two lifestyle bloggers in Stillwater, at
Follow Nellie Bellie, a team of two lifestyle bloggers in Stillwater, at

This isn’t a project we normally would create, but this miini bow and arrow tutorial is adorable! I love it. It has a few more steps than our normal crafts, but it’s just so dang cute you have to try it!

Okay. Here we go…

You need to soak the popsicle sticks in water for at least an hour…or two. This makes them soft and bendable. At some point during their soaking cut two small slits on each end of the stick, this is where you’ll attach the fishing line to create the “bow”. Finish their soaking.

Now that they are nice and soft gently bend them into the bow shape. I recommend that you start in the middle and work your way out. If they don’t bend without breaking a bit, soak them longer. I usually soak more than I need because I tend to not wait long enough and break one. I don’t have patience. So I soak extra, and then by the time I’m finished I have just as many as I need. If you’re smarter, you could just soak them long enough to begin with. That’d be good. When you have your nice shape, tie the fishing line to one end using the notches to keep it on the stick. Wrap it around a couple times then bring it down to the other side. Wrap it around that side a few times. Bring it back around the other side and tie it off. It should be fairly tight. I like to add a dab of hot glue just to make me feel better. And then it feels like a legitimate crafting project :).

val 0731 mini bow and arrow finalWEB
There you have it…the bow.

Now the arrows are simply q-tips with an end cut-off. I recommend putting little slits into the end of the “arrows” . This gives the fishing line something to grab on to. And its just cool. If you have multiple bows being used, you might consider coloring part of the Q-tips in different colors. That way when people go to collect their “arrows”, there aren’t arguments about who stole whose arrows. You just go pick up the color that belongs to you!

I also like to draw some fun designs on the bow. Not only is it cute, but this is just one more way to make sure everyone knows which bow belongs to whom. Tie up the “arrows” with some twine, pop the whole thing into a cute little bag I sewed up (you could use fabric glue…).

Isn’t that just the cutest!

Now, these really work. No joke. My son had them shooting across the room. They do take a bit of coordination that this momma obviously does not have. But…I think little boys are born with the ability to shoot arrows…

val 0731 mini bow and arrow 1WEB

  • Popsicle sticks
  • Fishing line (you can use floss too)
  • Q-tips
  • Markers (optional


  • Craft knife or other sharp knife
  • Bowl of water