Break-in at marina, loss of $5.75, candy

Stillwater police are investigating the July 15 burglary of the Stillwater Marina gas dock that resulted in the theft of $5.75 in quarters and $15-worth of candy bars.

Police believe that sometime between 10:15 p.m. July 15 and 5:50 a.m. July 16, the suspects entered through an unsecured window. When employees of the Stillwater Marina opened for business July 16, they arrived to find the back door open. The cash register desk was a mess, and the cash register was open and empty.

Employees stated that the cash from the register was moved to a bank bag and placed in a separate location the previous day, and the only money in the cash register was $5.75 in quarters and a $5 bill that was left as a tip for an off-duty employee. The suspects rummaged through the register desk, moving and throwing items on the floor.

The bank bag was in the cashier area, but police believe the bag wasn’t found because it was dark. The bank bag contained $485.55 in cash.

When the suspects were unable to find more money, police reports say, they took a cooler from inside the gas dock building and filled the cooler with candy bars, ice cream, potato chips and soft drinks. However, at some point the suspects abandoned the cooler, because it was found floating near P.D. Pappy’s with the stolen items floating in the water. The $5 bill was also found in the river.

Police took photographs of the crime scene and the cooler. No items were found that could be used to find fingerprints.

Due to the suspect’s response of taking the candy and soft drinks, police believe the suspects are likely young.

There were no surveillance cameras in or around the gas dock, and the were no signs of forced entry. Employees told police that they believe the latch on the open window was not secure the night before, and there was a little damage to the window frame. The suspects exited the building by unlocking the back door.

Police have no suspects.