Bayport awards contract for phase two of Perro Park improvements

Perro Park's second phase of improvements will include a new sign, similar to the one at Lakeside Park, as well as other improvements. (Submitted photo)
Perro Park’s second phase of improvements will include a new sign, similar to the one at Lakeside Park, as well as other improvements. (Submitted photo)

Phase two of improvements to Bayport’s Perro Park will get under way in the next couple of weeks after the city council awarded the construction contract to Siegfried Construction July 7.

This phase of improvements will include the resurfacing of two tennis courts, the removal of a third tennis court, moving play equipment to a new area, resurfacing the ball field infield, adding stairs, adding a park identification sign and creating a paved path between the hockey rink, tennis courts and play area.

“Overall, the second phase will bring needed upgrades to the park while also making it more user friendly, visually appealing and accessible,” City Administrator Logan Martin said.

Larry Wacker of Loucks Associates, the design and engineering firm, elaborated on the park improvements.

“There’s currently three tennis courts, and the city has decided they’d like to have more green space,” Wacker said. “We’re removing one of the tennis courts.”

The city is adding picnic tables and benches in that space instead. Additionally it will move play equipment into the new green space.

“It will be a much nicer setting for the play area,” Wacker said.

The two remaining tennis courts will be resurfaced and re-striped. One will also be striped for pickleball, a game that’s a combination of badminton and tennis.

“The tennis courts haven’t seen improvements for about 20 years,” he said.

Another element of the project is replacing the infield area of the small ball field, adding safety fencing and a new backstop.

“It’ll improve the usability of the ball field area for children,” he said.

Another usability improvement is the addition of stairs on the northeast corner of the park.

“There’s a lot of pedestrians that enter the park at the northeast side.” Wacker said. “Currently it’s not a good entry.”

Lastly, the project will include a park identification sign similar to the sign installed at Lakeside Park.

The council awarded the contract to Siegfried Construction for the company’s bid of $126,787.

Weather permitting, the construction will be completed by the end of September.

The city budgeted $100,000 in its capital improvement specifically for improvements to Perro Park. Some of the remaining costs will be covered by a $15,000 donation from the American Legion for ball field improvements. If necessary, the extra can be covered by end-of-year transfers to the city’s park dedication fund.

Phase one of the updates was completed during the winter and included work on the hockey rink and the addition of some lighting.

Wacker noted that the city would like to keep improving the park by adding new play equipment, a warming house and restrooms. A third phase is tentative, but Wacker estimated that it could occur in the next five years.