Police reports: Baseball bat pulled in road rage incident

Baseball bat pulled in road rage incident

An incident of road rage escalated when a man produced a baseball bat on eastbound Highway 36 at 9 a.m. June 24.

Stillwater Police were dispatched to a report of verbal altercation witnessed by an off-duty airport police officer.

The off-duty officer observed on eastbound Highway 36 a gray Toyota Prius cut off a semi truck when the street merged from a two-lane to one-lane roadway. The semi truck driver jerked the truck into the shoulder to avoid a collision, and the witness saw the drivers of the Prius and semi truck exit their vehicles to exchange words. The off-duty officer saw the Prius driver return to his vehicle to retrieve a black baseball bat.

The witness exited his vehicle, identified himself as a police officer, and ordered the Prius driver to return to his vehicle. The officer then followed the Prius driver, who later parked in the Washington County Courthouse parking lot. The off-duty officer again approached the driver, who appeared agitated.

The driver produced his driver’s license and informed the officer that he was an attorney and was late for court. He told the officer that he would go into the courthouse to check in and would then return. When the driver did not return to his vehicle, the officer left his business card on the car door and turned the driver’s license over to local police.

Stillwater police made contact with the driver of the Prius later, when he called to retrieve his driver’s license. The driver stated that the semi truck driver was not maintaining a speed and made it difficult to merge into traffic, and that he did not cut off the semi truck. The Prius driver said the driver of the semi truck had a baton or pipe, and that he had retrieved the bat for self-defense.

There were no injuries and no damage to property. The driver of the semi truck has not made contact with the Stillwater Police Department at this time, and the case has been labeled as inactive. There were no charges.

$7,000 of picket fencing stolen

Sections of white picket fencing were reported stolen from the Liberty on the Lake development in Stillwater June 24, with a total value at $7,040.

Stillwater Police received a report that 11 sections of white, wooden picket fencing had allegedly been stolen during the night of June 23 from a gravel lot near the tennis courts in the home development. The fencing was originally placed around Heritage Square and another park in the Liberty area and had been moved by a contractor.

The city’s public worked department had been questioned if they had moved the fencing, and they said they had not. The lawn care contractor also said it had not moved the fencing.

At this time, there are no suspects.