Stillwater to improve Industrial Park streets; Handful of properties will see increased assessments under new policy

Businesses and a handful of residential properties in and around Stillwater’s Industrial Park will face assessments to help pay for the cost of resurfacing parts of Curve Crest Boulevard, Market Drive and West Orleans Street later this year.

The properties not in the Industrial Park will be the first assessed under the city’s new assessment policy, which charges property owners 80 percent of the cost of “mill and overlay” resurfacing projects. That’s up from the previous policy of assessing 50 percent of the cost to property owners.

As in the past, Industrial Park properties will be assessed 100 percent of the costs associated with their sections of roadway.

The area slated for resurfacing includes Curve Crest between Stillwater Boulevard and Washington Avenue; Orleans Street from Stillwater Boulevard to Curve Crest; and Market Drive between Curve Crest and Orleans Street. According to city staff reports, the sections of the streets in the project were originally constructed from 1984 to 1994 and have not had major repairs since.

The city estimates total projects costs at about $786,000. It plans to charge assessments based on the “front footage” method. Industrial Park properties will be charged $62.23 per front foot of property abutting a street being resurfaced. The non-Industrial Park properties will be assessed at a rate of $37.69 per front foot.

Some properties will be eligible for credits, such as a credit for residences on “collector streets” and a credit for properties on roads being improved prior to the planned 25-year lifespan. The city expects to assess properties in the area for a total of about $496,000.

A public hearing on the project is planned Tuesday, July 1, with bids awarded in August and construction between September and November.

The city council unanimously approved moving forward with the project June 3.

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