New signs for Lake Elmo parks

Lake Elmo staff member Alyssa MacLeod designed the new park signs that will be installed this summer. (Submitted photo)
Lake Elmo staff member Alyssa MacLeod designed the new park signs that will be installed this summer. (Submitted photo)

Get ready for a new look at Lake Elmo public parks.

During the April 23 special council meeting, the city council authorized the purchase of 17 new city park signs at a cost of $32,916 from the parkland dedication fund.

“This is the culmination of a five year discussion on new signs for the city parks,” City Administrator Dean Zuleger said. “The parks commission is glad to have this issue behind them, as they have struggled with this for five years.”

Lake Elmo communications specialist Alyssa MacLeod and the parks commission have been working to increase visibility of the city parks, and to encourage residents to use them. The parks system will undergo an aggressive $300,000 maintenance schedule this summer to update playgrounds, parking lots and other park amenities.

“It’s important to note that these funds are not tax dollars, but come from the park fees collected from development,” MacLeod said. “This money is just for building and maintaining parks.”

As part of the summer parks projects, MacLeod designed the new sign system to be installed in the 17 city parks.

“We had hired the Damon Farber Associates two years ago to develop a color theme for the branding of the city,” MacLeod said. “These signs will fit into those colors; green, blue and gray.”

Each sign will feature the name of the park in one panel, a panel listing the park hours, and then each park will have a separate panel that will list the park features.

“If there are changes to a park, we can just replace one panel, instead of the whole sign,” Zuleger said.

“The signs are going to be made of a sand-blasted composite material that will be resistant to graffiti,” Zuleger said. City staff will install the signs.

“We will probably come again to the council to take down the city hall sign, and replace it with something that looks similar.”

The city will have neighborhood meetings in July, and the hope is to have all the signs up in time for residents to see them at the meetings.

“During public hearings on the design scheme, the residents who spoke highly endorsed the look,” MacLeod said. “I think people will see these signs as a breath of fresh air.”

The motion to approve the purchase of the signs was approved unanimously.


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