Column: Have you not heard?


“Have you not heard? Long ago I prepared it, from days of old I planned it, now I have brought it to pass: that you should reduce fortified cities into heaps of ruins,” Isaiah 37:26.

Is the Lord saying this to us today? Are we in such an ungodly place in our culture, our world, our thinking, shaped by the morals we have written for ourselves, that our cities will be metaphorically, or even literally, reduced to heaps of ruins? This passage begins with, “Have you not heard?” Almost as if to ask, are you the last to know? Are you the last to see and understand that what you’re doing will bring the very place you call home to a shambles?

What if this could be said of the culture in which we’re living today? What if we’re hiding our heads in the sand, pretending it’s not that bad, or certainly not as bad as they say it is, and wondering what could we do anyway? Will we one day look back and wish we had paid attention to the signs and the warnings? This may seem like someone who is sounding the last lap of the race, and I would hate to be the one to do that, because I always like to bring good news, but it’s on my heart to write this for today.

Ask yourself what can you do and what will you do today to speak to someone anyone about being attentive to the word of God. Will you not look away when you see someone at work doing something that is immoral or unkind, but instead say something? Will you not say, “It’s none of my business,” if you see someone being bullied or pushed around by others because you’re afraid of what might happen?

Take a stand today. Be firm in your beliefs, and speak up for what you believe is right. And as the poster on a bulletin board in my former high school classroom encouraged, “Stand firmly for what you believe, even if you’re the only one standing.” Imagine what would happen if young people witnessed adults noticing and caring enough to take a stand for something they believed in and was important to them?

Kate Walsh Soucheray is a licensed marriage and family therapist, working at Christian Heart Counseling, located at 275 Third St. S. No. 303, Stillwater, MN. She can be reached at 651-439-2059, ext. 718 or [email protected]