City of Stillwater
(Official Publication)
Notice is hereby given that the Planning Commission of the City of Stillwater, Minnesota, will meet on Monday, May 12, 2014, at 7 p.m. in the Council Chambers at Stillwater City Hall, 216 North Fourth Street, to consider a Request for a Special Use Permit to put up an exterior sculpture near the church front entrance of Our Saviours Lutheran Church. 1616 Olive Street West legally described as THAT PT NW1/4-SE1/4 & THAT PT BLK 16 MCKINSTRY & SEELEYS 2ND ADD & THAT PT VAC OLIVE ST LYING NLY OF N LN OLIVE ST EST IN 1916 LYING W OF W LN BRICK ST IN SINCLAIRS ADD LYING SLY OF SLY LN MYRTLE ST DESC IN DOC 346309 & LYING ELY SLY NELY & ELY OF FOLL DESC LN COM AT NW COR SD MCKINSTRY & SEELEYS 2ND ADD ALSO BEING NW COR OF SW1/4-SE1/4 SD SEC 29 THN S01DEG0005E BRG WACO CORSYS SZ ALG W LN SD SEC 29 & ALSO W LN SD SW1/4-SE1/4 292.06FT TO N LN SD OLIVE ST THN N89DEG1936E ALG SD N LN 724FT TO POB THN N00DEG4024W 145FT THN NLY ALG TCRV CONC TO W RAD 580FT CENT ANG 12DEG2953 126.52FT THN N79DEG1755E 133FT THN N18DEG5125W 191.13FT THN N29DEG5538W 137.04FT THN N10DEG3147E 508.18FT TO SD SLY LN MYRTLE ST & SD LN THERE TERM EXC THAT PT SD BLK 16 DESC AS FOLL BEG AT SE COR DEERPATH ACCRD TO REC PLAT THN N00DEG4024W PLAT BRG ALG ELY LN SD DEERPATH 145FT THN NLY 76.51FT ALG TCRV CONC TO W RAD 580FT CENT ANG 07DEG3327 THN N79DEG1755E NTANG TO CRV 140.17FT THN S12DEG4206E 115.22FT THN S00DEG4024E 133FT THN S89DEG1936W 157FT TO POB ALSO EXC THAT PT OF N1/2-SE1/4 SD SEC 29 DESC AS FOLL BEG AT PT ON S LN SD N1/2-SE1/4 1081.51FT W OF SE COR SD N1/2-SE1/4 SD PT BEING NE COR BLK 15 MCKINSTRY & SEELEYS ADD THN W ALG S LN SD N1/2-SE1/4 510.43FT TO PT THN N & PARL WITH W LN SD BRICK ST 309.5FT THN E & PARL WITH S LN SD N1/2-SE1/4 510.43FT TO W LN SD BRICK ST THN S ALG SD W LN 309.5FT TO POB SUBJ TO EASE Section 29 Township 030 Range 020. RA One Family. Gwen Johnson, applicant. Case No. SUP/2014-13.
All persons wishing to be heard with reference to this request will be heard at this meeting.
Bill Turnblad
Community Development Director
5/2/14, Stillwater Gazette, PHN SUP/2014-13, 214092

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