Lake Elmo delays Inwood Avenue water main

The Lake Elmo City Council voted to place a hold on the Inwood Avenue Trunk Water Main project until the plans for Inwood Booster Station project are completed and funding sources can be found.

City engineer Jack Griffin presented the completed plans for the $2.2 million water main project that would run along Inwood Avenue from 26th Street North to Eagle Point Boulevard. In the feasibility report, the recommendation is to install 16-inch pipe, and it would connect into the Eagle Point Business Park. As directed by the city council, the project will not include the Parkview Estates neighborhood.

During the meeting, Griffin asked the city council to approve the completed plans and specifications for the project, but asked the council to delay the project until the Inwood Booster Station project reached a similar state in its plans, and to allow the city administrator to find funding sources for the project.

“From an engineering stand point, we don’t have the booster station, and it looks like that will not be operational until 2015,” Griffin said. “This project is not in a hurry.”

“On the bonding side, we are waiting on state bonding from the legislature to move forward,” City Administrator Dean Zuleger. “We need to stay under $10 million in our borrowing, in order to stay bank qualified for bonding. With the Lake Elmo Avenue water main and Inwood, we need to make sure we stay under that $10 million.”

The council voted 5-0 to postpone the project.


Compiled by Alicia Lebens at [email protected]