Wrap them in love

32814_wrapinlove-beth hammA 10-year-old with a big heart recently started a new project that aims to help others.
Beth Hamm, a fourth-grader at St. Croix Preparatory Academy, named her project “Wrap them in love.” She makes tie blankets for foster children with whom HOPE Adoption works.
“My mom was telling me about other kids who don’t have blankets to keep with them if they have to leave their houses,” Beth Hamm said. “I really felt bad, and I decided to do something.”
According to Beth’s mom, Carrie Hamm, Beth had thought about pulling together a pajama drive. But she wanted something that had a little more thought put into it.
Beth said she felt that it would be really great for kids to have something they could take with them. She figured a blanket would be something that kids could grab, especially if the transitions happen quickly. They can also offer comfort and security for people in unfamiliar situations.
“The blanket makes them feel like they have something to hold onto, and no one can take it from them — it’s their blanket,” Beth said.
Each blanket takes about 45 minutes to make, and Beth is sure to test them out and write a note that she attaches to each one.
Her project is gaining some recognition from members of her church. One person heard about what she was doing and decided to donate $500 to Beth’s project.
“When Beth first started to do this project, I had called around to see if anyone would be interested in taking her blankets,” Carrie Hamm said. “HOPE Adoption called us and said that they’d like to take part in it, and they were really excited about it. That was important because I wanted to have someone who would stay enthusiastic about the project, which I think would keep Beth working on this project.”
Of the six blankets that Beth has made so far several have been given away.
“HOPE was emailing me all throughout spring break, saying ‘a 10-year-old took the cheerleader blanket, another 10-year-old boy got one of your other blankets today.’” Carrie Hamm said. “They’re keeping her posted when they go out, and she’s really excited about that.”
“It really makes me feel relieved and happy for them that now they know they’re special,” Beth said.
Since Beth started the project, she’s invited a couple friends to help her with it because “it just adds more love to it.”
“I’ve only asked one or two people to help because if there’s more than that it gets really hard to make them together,” Beth said.
Since the project is relatively new, the Hamms haven’t set up a place to donate materials, but Carrie said they’ll work on the project and just see where it goes. She added that she believes that the $500 donation will last quite awhile, and she wants to keep Beth working on the project for as long as she can.
“It’s pretty fun to watch her heart in action,” Carrie said.

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