Column: The Lord is true God


“The Lord is true God, he is the living God, the eternal king,” Jeremiah 10:10.

The question for many of us is whether we are able to truly put our trust in God and believe with all our hearts that he is the true God, the living God, the eternal king, always ready to help us meet every difficulty we face and every roadblock ahead. I was put to the test last week, and I am so relieved that God was there for me.

Our family had a scary experience last week when our seven-month-old granddaughter was taken to the hospital for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), and we could not help her. We prayed, had others praying and holding vigil, as we waited for her little body and spirit to fend off the infection that was fighting with her to maintain itself.

It was such a scary and difficult time, and I was so relieved to have my faith to help me fight the tendency to panic. Even though we didn’t know how everything would work out, we prayed and continued to have faith that our prayers would be answered by God. I have had to have faith in the past, but this time was different. It was so completely out of my control, all I could do was ask God for help and then let him take over.

I found that my faith grew stronger, and I think it was because of the fear we all felt, and knowing we had only God to turn to, that’s what we did. And he was there for us and with us.

This story has a happy ending because our sweet, little granddaughter went home and is healing there with her family. I found myself being so grateful for my faith and for the strength it gave me, for I know and see even more how good God is!

Kate Walsh Soucheray is a licensed marriage and family therapist at Christian Heart Counseling, located at 275 Third St. S., Ste. 303. She can be reached at 651-439-2059, ext. 718 or [email protected]