Stillwater approves Log Jam festival contract

A contract with The Locals group for Log Jam is now officially signed and sealed.

City Administrator Larry Hansen told the Stillwater City Council on March 18 that he was happy to report that the contract was all signed and ready to go.

In lieu of a performance bond, which has been difficult for the group to get, Hansen agreed to getting a letter of credit from a bank to collect on if the city needed to in the future. The idea is to ensure the city will be paid for services such as security provided by police.

“It should be no more than $20,000,” Hansen said “They’ve agreed to let us look at their books, and they have told us that they will be prepaying for all their expenses for the event, including their liquor sales. I’m very satisfied by what they’ve done to cooperate, and it is as good as it has ever been, and I’m looking forward to having an event in 2014.”

The letter of credit is due to the city on May 2.

“Will the contract default if it’s not approved?” Councilman Doug Menikheim asked.

“I don’t believe that’s going to happen, and as of late, working with them has been very good,” Hansen replied. “They still have to get together with police and fire, and some things are missing in the event application but it’s all being worked on, and we’ll continue to work on it going forward.”

Menikheim went on to add that he was happy that he didn’t have to ask about the contract again.

“I was just looking at what they have up online today,” Councilmember Mike Polehna said. “It’s a great calendar of events. I’m looking forward to the fishing contest myself.”

Council members agreed that a future check-in date should be set aside to keep the council posted on the progress of the event planning.

Log Jam will take place July 18-20. About 20,000 people are expected to attend the event over the weekend, according to Stillwater Police Chief John Gannaway. Staffing for the event remains to be determined.

“When we staff these events, we base it on the musical acts,” Gannaway said. “We talk to outside sources and base it on the history of the acts and what other groups have told us is necessary.”

At this point Hansen said the estimate for this portion of the event is about $19,000.

“If we don’t use that much, we don’t lose it, but we have never recouped the total cost of this event before,” Hansen said. “We’ve tried to, but we’ve never really got there. I hope it might be different this year.”

The council approved the contract unanimously.

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