Guest column: Accompaniment — Working together

Julie Rogness
Julie Rogness


It is one of those buzz words right now, accompaniment, something that is added to another thing to make it better or more appealing, and it is an important word. Just as a musician is accompanied, we need to find new and creative ways to come along side one another and add another thing to make working together better.

Over 12 years ago the people of Christ Lutheran in Lake Elmo began asking themselves about the church’s location. Should we move to be more visible and create a larger building? We are well hidden in the “Old Village” of Lake Elmo — easiest description of our location is we are the church behind the Twin Point Tavern off Highway 5. After years of pondering, we decided it is our desire to be a light in the Village of Lake Elmo, a welcoming place to accompany any and all on their life journey.

This past April we blessed our new space and want the community to feel free to enjoy this space too. We now have new gathering areas, main level kitchen, free Wi-Fi, refreshed classrooms and we are handicap accessible, allowing us to say come on in, hold your meetings here, enjoy!

The community currently uses space at Christ Lutheran for music lessons taught by community teachers, two Alcoholics Anonymous groups, District AA meetings, Boys Scouts, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts and a local Trail Rider Club, to name a few. Our Savior’s Lutheran of Stillwater gathered in our space on a Sunday afternoon for a council retreat. It is good to get out of our own places and go to new locations for meetings, seminars and gatherings.

So imagine our delight when the city of Lake Elmo approached us and asked to hold its public open house at Christ Lutheran on Thursday, March 13th. The minute Christ Lutheran members heard of this meeting, they jumped into action. Roger said he would make coffee, Terry offered to meet and greet people, and Jim volunteered to be there to help.

Christ Lutheran people have a heart for sharing. We practice giving boldly to the community, as well as nationally and globally. We are known well in the Valley for our fall Pork and Sauerkraut Supper. But did you know this past year after many of you came into our new space and enjoyed a great meal, we gave $10,000 to Lutheran Disaster Relief, Delia Bingea (a young adult in Global Mission serving in Malaysia) and to our furnishing committee for new tables, chairs and flat screen TVs for gatherings?

Accompaniment … we desire to share and work with our community. We hold you in our prayers, hopes and dreams for a great future together. I have said a few times, wouldn’t it be great if one night our building was so busy accompanying the community that we had to hold our own council meeting at an off-site location? Working together to be an accompaniment light in our community of Lake Elmo and beyond.

Feel free to join us during this Lenten season for Wednesday night Soup Suppers at 6 p.m. and Worship at 7 p.m. We worship on Sunday mornings at 8 and 10:30 a.m.

Julie Rogness is pastor of Christ Lutheran Church in Lake Elmo.