Still no contract for summer festival: Financial background check and performance bond holding up process

The city of Stillwater and The Locals are inching closer to the completion of a contract for Stillwater Log Jam this summer.

Two items that are holding up the process include a performance bond and a financial background check on the members in the group, which won the rights in November to revive the city’s summer festival.

“I was afraid that I’d have to come back to you and tell you that we hadn’t made any progress, but there was a relative flurry of activity this afternoon,” City Administrator Larry Hansen said. “They are fine with about 98 percent of the contract. There are two items that have been an issue, the background check of their financial history, and issues with the bond that we require, which have been explained in detail.”

Noting that the process has been a bit frustrating because The Locals were approved to manage the event in November, Hansen said he still believes it will come together.

“I sense that it will still come together,” he said. “I’ve warned them a couple of times that the council has been quite concerned at the length of time that has gone by without a signed contract, and I think they understand that now. We’re down to just these two issues, and while I’m frustrated that it comes at this hour, instead of two months ago, I think they’ll get it resolved.”

Hansen said that the city and The Locals had a meeting set up for later this week and that they would continue to communicate and work together to get the contract finished and signed.

Councilmember Doug Menikheim asked what would happen if the two requirements weren’t completed.

“Then I would probably have to recommend that we don’t have a 2014 summer festival this year,” Hansen said.

Other council members expressed their frustration with the lack of a signed contract, saying that communication had to be a two-way street and that they want to work to get it signed and finished.

“Let’s just get this done,” Councilmember Mike Polehna said.

Stillwater Log Jam is scheduled July 18-20, and The Locals have several events planned, including a parade, soap box car races, a lumberjack show, live music and more to be announced.

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