Police reports: Scam takes Stillwater victim for $10,000

An elderly Stillwater woman recently lost more than $10,000 to a scam reported to Stillwater police on Feb. 28.

The woman and her adult children told police that over the past two weeks she had received calls from unknown people in California and New York telling her she had won money and would need to send them money in order to claim her prize. The names the people gave the woman were Victoria Jones at an address in California and Dave Winne at an address in New York.

The children told officers that their mom had sent the money in the form of green dot cards to these individuals  but also had sent cash as well. The woman had thrown away the used Green Dot cards at the suspects’ request. The money was lost in multiple transactions multiple times a day. The woman gave vague details about how many transactions and for how much.

Police told the woman that several other people have been dealing with similar scams. Officers advised the woman not to send any more money and to hang up the phone or not answer if the calls continue.

The family was advised to contact the Minnesota Attorney General and the Minnesota FBI field office to see if they have open cases that they may be working on with those addresses or individuals.

Police advised that no more money should be sent and that if she wants to proceed with the case, the federal investigators would need more detailed records of the transactions.

The scams have been hitting the St. Croix Valley lately, and authorities say anyone who gets one of these calls should not respond and should report it to police.

Rollover accident without injuries reported March 1

Stillwater police responded to a rollover accident reported at Orleans Street West and Market Drive in Stillwater March 1.

When police arrived, the area was checked for occupants without results. Police called the registered owner and then another 52-year-old man who was reported to have been driving the vehicle. The man told police that he lost control of the vehicle due to the icy conditions and then left the vehicle and walked home because he didn’t know what to do. The man said he had no serious injuries, just a small cut on his finger and denied medical treatment. The owner of the vehicle was taken to the crash site, and her vehicle was towed.

Slippery intersection leads to confrontation

A Stillwater man called police after a male kicked his vehicle while he was driving through an intersection the afternoon of March 1. The driver of the vehicle said he was driving through the intersection of Curve Crest Boulevard and Northwestern Avenue when another man kicked his vehicle. The driver told police he was following the man who had kicked him.

Police spoke to the man who kicked the car. He told them that he and his friend were crossing the street somewhere on Curve Crest when he was struck by the vehicle. Then he kicked the vehicle.

The driver of the car declined any type of further police action, and the person who kicked the car was sent on his way.

The driver told police that he was driving on Northwestern when he saw the man and his friend crossing the street. He said it was icy and he wasn’t able to stop the car and nearly hit the pair. When the driver confronted the pedestrians the man kicked his car and walked away and the driver then followed the pair until police got there. There was no damage to the vehicle, and the driver told police that he had calmed down and they could leave.

Shovel stolen from porch

A shovel was stolen from the front porch of a home on the 3500 block of Pine Hollow Place.

A resident of the home told police that she heard someone  walking on her porch and discovered that her shovel was missing. The theft wasn’t reported until four hours after the incident because the woman was unsure of what to do. Police checked the area and noticed that other shovels on the front porch were still there and doubted that the shovel was taken with the intent to keep the shovel from the woman.

–Compiled by Avery Cropp