Column: Create a clean heart within me


“A clean heart create for me, God; renew in me a steadfast spirit,” Psalm 51:12.

When we ask God to create a new and right spirit within us, if we really mean it, we have to be prepared for the transformation He will bring about. When we ask for such a change in our lives, we do so when the reality we are living no longer works for us. It no longer provides a means for us to understand our relationships with others, ourselves or with God, due to our world having been changed, for whatever reason.

Perhaps we have faced a job change or a health scare. Perhaps someone close to us is experiencing depression or a loss of some sort and this has caused a change in our relationship with that person. Whatever it might be, when a change is under way, we will not be the same at its conclusion.

So it makes sense to ask God to help us change in a positive and life-giving way so that the change, as powerful as it might be, will renew our spirit and help us become a better person. As we do so, we have the opportunity to rededicate our lives to a new pathway, a new and refreshing perspective, one that can alter our life at the moment and help us develop a new trajectory for the future. Essentially, we are asking that God enact a change in our lives so that we will become a more loving, more present and more engaging person, whatever our age.

Kate Walsh Soucheray is a licensed marriage and family therapist in Stillwater. She works at Christian Heart Counseling at 275 Third Street South and can be reached at [email protected] or 651-439-2059 ext. 718.