Police report: Snow plow catches fire

A Stillwater snow plow caught fire the afternoon of Jan. 15. City Employee Matthew Babcock was using a Stillwater snow plow on upper levee road when he heard a noise and pop under his hood, then noticed clouds of smoke from under the plow hood. The Stillwater Fire department responded to the call, and no injuries were reported. The truck was later towed to the Public Works facility.

Citation issued for disorderly conduct

A 56-year-old Stillwater woman was arrested and cited for disorderly conduct and obstruction of justice on Jan. 14.

Reports came in to the Stillwater Police Department about a suspicious vehicle that looked like it had been in an accident and was slowly traveling around the block at 8:40 p.m. on Wilkins Street East. Officers tracked the vehicle and found it stopped in the driving lane of the road. It had some damage on its front bumper and mirror, and police reports state that when officers approached the vehicle, the woman appeared to be slumped against the driver’s-side door. When police opened the door, the woman awoke and attempted to reach for the steering wheel. Reports state that police believed the woman was planning on driving away so the keys were taken from the ignition.

Reports state that the woman refused to answer officers’ questions but agreed with them that she was having a medical problem, though she declined to say what that was.

Officers called for an ambulance, and the woman continued to try to shut the car door and became more agitated as officers continued to question her. Eventually the woman reached for a plastic snow shovel and attempted to push the handle of it toward one of the officers. Officers then forcibly removed her from the vehicle and placed her in the back of their squad car. The ambulance arrived, and the woman refused treatment.

Witnesses told police after the woman was taken from the scene that they had seen her behaving strangely. Two said they saw the woman drive her vehicle into an unplowed area in front of their residence and stop there and slump over for several minutes before getting out of the vehicle and carrying on and yelling. They added that they were concerned about her safety and others when she continued to circle around the block after pulling into the unplowed space.

The woman was later released from jail.

Compiled by Avery Cropp – [email protected]