Bayport Fire Department getting two new vehicles

The Bayport Fire Department will soon have two new vehicles, a fire truck and a Chevrolet Tahoe command vehicle.
The council approved the fire truck purchase last year, at a cost of up to $520,000 taken from savings, and expects delivery of the truck early this year, according to City Administrator Logan Martin.
In accordance with the city’s capital improvements plan, the city council approved the purchase of a 2014 Tahoe at a cost of up to $46,434.51 Jan. 6. The funds will come from the fire equipment fund, where the city saves money for replacing equipment that wears out.
Fire Chief Mark Swenson told the council that the 2004 Tahoe in use needs major repairs and has “reached the end of its useful life.” The department purchased the truck used from Oakdale, Swenson said. He does not recommend buying used vehicles in the future.
The city will get a deal on the 2014 Tahoe because it is receiving a multi-vehicle contract price through the Minnesota State Patrol. The base cost is $31,487.
According to Swenson the department was unable to salvage the lights and computers from its current vehicle because they are already going out of date.
Adding emergency lighting is expected to cost about $9,600. A radio will cost about $1,200, and a command insert will be about $3,700. The graphics will cost about $470. Swenson said the department is saving about $800 because it is not adding the full “graphic package.”
The council unanimously approved the purchase of the command vehicle.

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