Stillwater Area Schools closed Tuesday, Jan. 7

The Stillwater School District has canceled school for Tuesday, Jan. 7. Other activities are also canceled, including Adventure Club, early childhood classes and community education.

Some afternoon and evening sports events and practices are still scheduled. The district plans to post more details on the high school’s website.

On Jan. 3 Gov. Mark Dayton announced the statewide closure of schools for Jan. 6. Minnesota Education Commissioner Brenda Cassellius announced the morning of Jan. 6 that decisions about school cancellations for Tuesday, Jan. 7, would be made by local superintendents.

“We’ll have conversations throughout the day with our own leadership staff, as well (as) with neighboring district superintendent’s,” Stillwater Area Schools spokesperson Carissa Keister said in an email prior to the district’s decision.

Cassellius’ office shared the following message with school districts the morning of Jan. 6:

Dear Superintendents and Charter School Directors,

Tomorrow morning’s temperatures are forecasted to be in the double digits below zero again, with continued windchill advisories for the entire state until afternoon.

Governor Dayton is leaving the decision about school cancellations for Tuesday to individual school districts. We believe school superintendents are monitoring the temperatures closely and are prepared to communicate with families so they can plan accordingly. 

We encourage you, as always, to be mindful about the dangers of even brief exposure to these dangerously low temperatures as you make your decisions.

I am grateful for your efforts on behalf of Minnesota children, not only during this challenging week, but every day.

Brenda Cassellius