20 days in jail for Stillwater man who fired gun from vehicle

A Stillwater man received a 20-day jail sentence after firing a gun from a vehicle in Stillwater Township.

According to court documents, Lee James Thompson, 23, shot a gun in the direction of a home on the 10000 block of Meyeron Road North in Stillwater Township on Jan. 20, 2013.

A witness told authorities he saw the people in the car shoot six to seven shots from a gun but didn’t get a description of the car because he had gone for cover.

Court documents state that while Washington County Sheriff’s Office deputies were interviewing neighbors, they heard two more gunshots and observed a car heading south on Meyeron. They stopped the vehicle, and Thompson, who was the passenger in the vehicle at the time, became belligerent with officers, according to court documents. A search of the vehicle revealed a .40-caliber Glock handgun in the glove compartment. Thompson declined to speak with deputies, but the driver agreed to tell them what happened.

The driver, who described the incident as “stupid, red neck stuff, told deputies he was driving Thompson’s car and Thompson had been firing the gun out the passenger window of the vehicle. The driver told deputies that Thompson was shooting as they drove north to Hugo and fired more rounds when they returned to Stillwater. The driver said Thompson was aiming for street signs.

Thompson was sentenced to two years probation, 20 days in jail with credit for 20 days served. He must pay a $3,000 fine, not use alcohol or drugs, take a chemical dependency evaluation and have no possession or use of any firearms.

Misspelling gave away fake ID

An Oak Park Heights woman was found guilty of identity theft after Oak Park Heights police responded to a domestic altercation.

Candace Orreyon Murph, 26, gave officers a false name when speaking with them. Court documents state that Murph told officers her name was Natasha Hislaw but had trouble spelling it and then told them she had no middle name. After running a check police discovered the woman had given a false name and an incorrect ID number from South Dakota. The photo provided by the search also did not match Murph.

Murph provided a copy of a South Dakota driver’s license and a Social Security card. The license was deemed fake after police noticed that the word ‘Sioux’ was spelled wrong and the fonts were different on the cards.

Police then contacted a relative who told police that the woman identifying herself as Natasha Hislaw was actually Murph. The real Natasha Hislaw told police she did not know Murph and hadn’t given her permission to use her information.

Murph must serve 30 days in jail with credit for 25 days served, and get a psychological evaluation. She must also pay a fine of $50 plus surcharges. She will be on probation for five years.

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