A ‘model’ student

BY Lucy Langmack


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Paige Boner, a SAHS student models professionally.  (submitted photo)

Posing for the camera makes some people self-conscious, but not Stillwater Area High School sophomore and model Paige Boner.

“I love the creativity and the art of modeling,” Boner said. “It gives me a sense of confidence.”

Boner entered the modeling world when she was 5 years old for a Target ad her mother was working on. Boner signed exclusively with Caryn Model and Talent Management in Minneapolis after she traveled with the company to Paris. When she’s not posing in front of cameras, you can find her riding her horse Tutu.

Boner’s mother, a photo stylist, works with model and talent agencies in the Twins Cites and scheduled Boner’s interviews and auditions.

“From the time she did her first ad, she wanted to continue,” her mother, Jen Boner, said. “She loved it and was really good at it. I decided that we would wait until she was 15 to start to make sure she really liked it and could handle it.”

Since Boner exclusively signed with Caryn, she meets once a month to take photos and record measurements. When Boner accepts a modeling opportunity, Caryn earns 20 percent of profit made at the job.

“One of my favorite parts is all the people that I meet and to see how the pictures turn out,” Boner said.

Over the years, Boner has grown more comfortable in front of the camera with help from monthly training with her agency. Professionals teach Caryn’s models everything from walking the runway to different movement for photos.

“If you look at my portfolio way back, I look way different and less comfortable in front of the camera than I do now,” Boner said. “It’s just a matter of getting yourself in front of the camera over and over again.”

Stillwater Area High School sophomore Grace Baldwin has been friends with Boner for about 11 years and has always been supportive of her passion to model.

“I remember back in elementary school we always used to dress up and pretend to be supermodels and walk the runway for our parents,” Baldwin said. “Modeling is something that Paige has always been great at, and it’s awesome that she can do it professionally.”

Boner receives a lot of support from her friends, family and especially her mother, who started Boner’s modeling career and traveled with her to Paris.

“I help her understand the business and how difficult it can be,” Jen Boner said. “You have to work constantly on your portfolio and have a thick skin. There are plenty of go-sees that you don’t get the job. My job is to help her understand not to take that personally and to keep working and it will all work out in the end.”

Last year, Boner and eight other models from Caryn were selected to join 50 models around the world to travel to Paris to be introduced to European agencies. The annual program is called EMTA, European Modeling and Talent Association.

“I was put in front of several international agencies so that they could see me, get my name out there, and represent Caryn,” Boner said. “The other models were really nice. We met people from Boston, Sweden and all over the world.”

In the future Boner wishes to travel overseas and has thought about attending school in New York.

“She has been able to visit so many awesome places and met so many interesting people,” Baldwin said. “She’s such a gorgeous, motivated girl. As long as she enjoys it, she will be able to stick with it.”

Boner plans on traveling to Florida and New York with her agency and wants to continue modeling and possibly turn it into a career.

Next time you pick up a Vogue or Allure magazine, you might just see her face on the cover.


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