Hoof Prints: Already thinking about prom


Editor’s note: This piece is provided by Hoof Prints, a partnership between the Stillwater Gazette and The Pony Express, Stillwater Area High School’s student newspaper.

There are still many months remaining until Stillwater Area High School’s prom, but the school’s prom committee is working hard to prepare the best celebration it can for Stillwater students.

Waking up early every other Tuesday to meet as a group, the prom committee gathers to discuss and deliberate all the important details of prom. These students have a great deal of control over every aspect of prom, planning everything from venue to invitations. About 20 dedicated prom committee members work to plan the prom for more than 900 attendees. While other clubs tend not to affect such a large percentage of the school’s students, the prom committee’s work influences nearly every student in a major way.

The prom committee has been meeting since the beginning of the year and has already made many decisions already.

“Surprisingly, there is a lot going on in Prom Committee right now, even though it’s early,” senior Andi Markham said. “We just finished officer elections. Right now we are trying to decide on a theme. We have it narrowed down to three and will probably vote to decide the theme next meeting, which will be after break.”

This year’s potential prom themes are Great Gatsby, Hollywood red carpet or masquerade. The prom committee is very particular about what theme it chooses.

“Everyone on prom committee gives ideas, and we make a list of them then all vote on the top three,” senior Maddie Lehman explained. “Then we form three groups, and each group is assigned a theme. They have to make PowerPoints on the theme to present to everyone. Then once all of them have been presented, we vote on our favorite one.”

In addition to choosing a theme, the prom committee is working on other ideas to make this year’s prom even better than the last.

“This year prom is going to be really great,” Markham said. “We’ve got a lot of fun ideas. There will not be a grand march at the high school. It might be at the Myth (in Maplewood).”

Markham said the possible new venue is an exciting change of scenery for the Stillwater prom.

“The Myth will be a really great place to have it because it’s a big venue, and we get the whole parking lot, and it’s not as far of a drive,” Markham said. “We won’t have to worry about running into any non-prommers because everyone there will be there for the prom. We might have vendors there to sell something like smoothies, pizza, or some type of refreshment during the dance.”

Autumn Nyenhuis agreed.

“There are many exciting things about this year’s prom, but what I’m most excited about is that we are going to be having it at Myth,” she said. “We’ve rented out the entire Myth building, which will allow for a lot of creativity and fun in regards to decorations.”

While the prom committee is working hard, it is also having a good time together and carrying on the legacy of all the committees that came before them, continuing the tradition of Stillwater prom.

“It’s very fun, because you get to be a part of all the choosing of everything that’s at prom,” Lehman said. “I joined because my older sister talked about it all the time and it sounded really great.”

With the year not yet half way through, it seems that the prom committee has already laid the groundwork for an excellent celebration in the spring. They don’t want students excited for prom to be let down.

“We’re working very hard to make prom a very special event, and we encourage everyone to let us know if they have any suggestions or concerns on how to make this year spectacular!” Markham said.