Man gets 60 days in jail for making threats with butcher knife in Stillwater

A Cokato man has been sentenced 60 days in jail for making terroristic threats after an incident involving a butcher knife at a Stillwater home Sept. 10.

According to court documents, Michael Todd George, pulled out a knife and brandished it at residents of a home on the 1100 block of Curve Crest Boulevard.

Court documents state that the victims in the case had allowed George to stay with them for a week and had done so off and on in the past. Earlier in the day on Sept. 10, a victim told George that he had to find somewhere else to stay, then left the home.

According to court documents, she came back later with a friend, and George was still in the home laying on the couch. When he was told he needed to leave, George took a butcher knife from behind his back, waved it around and threatened to stab anyone that came near him, court documents say.

Court documents say George claimed he was being threatened, though the victim denied it. The victim’s friend managed to call police. The woman gathered George’s laundry, and George then left the residence.

George told police he was trying to leave when the victim’s friend tried to block his way, which caused him to grab the knife. George said he had put the knife back in the kitchen before he left the home with his belongings.

George was sentenced to five years probation and 60 days in jail with credit for nine days served. He has also been sentenced to service and must not have any contact with the victims or the residence.

Inmate sentenced for assault

An inmate at the Stillwater Correctional Facility in Bayport had his sentence extended by one year and one day after assaulting a correctional officer on April 9.

The inmate, Toney Brooks, was being transferred to a segregation unit by corrections officers. When Brooks was being put in a cell, he spit in an officer’s face. Brooks threatened to harm the officers’ families and kill them. He admitted to using foul language and spitting on officers.

Probation for drug charges

Shannon Marie Beberg was given five years probation in connection with a drug charge brought against her Dec. 13, 2012. The woman’s mother told police that her daughter, who was staying at her residence in Bayport with her 7-year-old son, was using methamphetamine in her home. She said that Beberg didn’t live there permanently and isn’t on the apartment lease. Beberg’s mother allowed her daughter and grandson to stay in the bedroom while she slept on the couch.

The mother told police that during a search of the bedroom she found several needles and plastic baggies. She told police she wouldn’t allow Beberg to return to her home.

Beberg was given five years probation, two days of jail with two days credit and a $50 fine with a required drug test in 10 days.

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