Oak Park Heights City Council fixes ordinance

A slight ordinance glitch, discovered after a resident asked how it would be possible to start an in-home business, was revealed to Oak Park Heights city council Nov. 26.

“We had a resident who stopped by and is interested in opening a one-person beauty salon operation in her home,” City Administrator Eric Johnson said. “In analyzing our ordinance, it prohibits anyone to have a home occupation in which the general public can use it. But in the past we’ve allowed some of the low-impact, low-intensity possibilities, which would call for a revision to the ordinance.”

Johnson went on to say that a possible revision to the ordinance would be needed, and the resident would still need to apply for a conditional use permit. He asked that the council give the city planner the authorization to make the revision.

Oak Park Heights Mayor Mary McComber noted that the city has allowed several home daycares in the past.

City Attorney Mark Vierling said existing businesses wouldn’t be affected because they are pre-existing.

The in-home business is proposed to be established at 13930 55th Street N. A public hearing and council review will be at 7 p.m., Tuesday, Dec. 10 at Oak Park Heights City Hall.

The council also:

• Heard a presentation from City Engineer Chris Long, who talked about the wellhead protection plan. The plan was put into place in 2002 and had to be reviewed.

“We had to amend our plans according to the geology and the new delineation reflects a larger space from the original, which accounts for the aquifers,” he said.

The city had 14 different objectives it had to reach and must submit next steps to the Department of Health for approval. It will be adopted within 60 days.

• Approved the reconstruction of Peabody Avenue to Lookout Trail in partnership with MnDOT.


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