New Richmond, Wis., will be added to Washington County Sheriff’s Office mutual aid partners

The New Richmond, Wis., Police Department will be added to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office mutual aid partners after the Washington County Board of Commissioners approved the agreement Nov. 19.

The Mutual Aid/Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement is to assist each other in managing threats to the public health and safety of residents. According to the county, neither of the agencies possesses all the necessary resources to cope with every possible law enforcement emergency or disaster by itself, and an effective and efficient response can be better achieved if the agencies assist one another.

Public hearing for capital projects Dec. 17

The Washington County Board of Commissioners set Dec. 17 as the time to hear comments on the county’s Capital Improvement Program.

The board set the date at its meeting Nov. 19.

The County Board will conduct a public hearing on the 2014-2018 Capital Improvement Plan, which outlines major capital projects for the next five years.

During the public hearing, the County Board will hear public comments, consider any changes to the proposed plan, and take action to adopt the final 2014-2018 plan.

County approves parcel changing school districts

The Washington County Board of Commissioners agreed to transfer a parcel in Woodbury into the Stillwater Area School District Nov. 19.

The parcel is on Interlachen Parkway. State law provides a process for realigning the school district boundary line for split residential parcels. The County Board determines into which school district the parcel will be transferred.

The parcel is on the boundary line between North St. Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale School District 622 and Stillwater Area School District 834. For property tax and voting purposes, the parcel is considered to be in District 622, which is where the majority of the house is.

The parcel is on a cul-de-sac with four other homes, and the only one in the cul-de-sac in District 622; the other four homes are in District 834. Property owner Hina Siddiqui submitted a petition to have that part of the parcel located in District 622 transferred to District 834 so that the entire parcel will be in District 834.

The county auditor is required to transfer the parcel to the district determined by the County Board within 60 days of receipt of the petition.

Thibodeau will serve on HRA

The Washington County Board of Commissioners appointed Lisa Thibodeau, of Stillwater, to the Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA) on Nov.19.

Thibodeau will serve a partial term expiring Dec. 31, 2013.

The HRA is authorized by state statute to undertake certain types of housing and redevelopment activities in Washington County. The board members are appointed by the Washington County board. The HRA consists of five citizen members, one from each commissioner district; one county commissioner; and one consumer of HRA services.

Grant supports emergency management

The Washington County Board of Commissioners accepted a grant from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Division of Homeland and Emergency Management, for funding through the Emergency Management Performance Grant Program.

The grant program provides financial assistance for the administration of local emergency management programs, which meet state and federal requirements. This annual and renewable grant provides $110,940 in funding to the Sheriff’s Office, and will cover personnel costs, salary, overtime, compensatory time off, and fringe benefits for Washington County Emergency Operations Center staff.

The grant requires a 100 percent local match, which is covered by tax levy dollars.

Law library renews Westlaw subscription

The Washington County Law Library will continue to subscribe to legal materials provided by Westlaw, after the County Board approved contracts to purchase the materials Nov. 19.

The Law Library provides research and information services to county departments, attorneys, courts and the public. The Westlaw subscription service provides access to comprehensive and in-depth primary resources for legal research through several electronic services and print materials needed to support the research needs of its clientele.

The contract for 2014 is $109,100; for 2015, it will be $114,200; and for 2016, it will be $119,600.

Public hearing on Baytown Township plan

The Washington County Board of Commissioners conducted a public hearing Nov. 19, at the request of Baytown Township, to amend the county’s 2030 Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Map.

Baytown Township officials requested updates to the Washington County 2030 Comprehensive Plan and County Zoning Map to be consistent with the new Baytown Township Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Map. The county’s Planning Advisory Commission has reviewed the request, conducted a public hearing and recommended approval of the amendments proposed by Baytown Township.

The County Board approved the request at its meeting Nov. 19.