Letter: Who steals Christmas lights?

To the Editor:

I am so disheartened by my discovery of every one of my Christmas lights being stolen right out of my front yard last weekend.

I was fortunate to be given a large amount of lights this year by a generous friend who knows how much I love to decorate for the holidays and what pleasure it gives not only to me but also to many of my neighbors and friends.

I would hope that whoever took the time to take every string of lights from my trees enjoys them and didn’t just discard them in some garbage can — I hope whoever stole my lights really needed them for their holidays.

I also hope that when I buy new lights and put them up that the thief goes by and realize they did not break my holiday spirit. I hope they think about how cruel it was to take something from someone that they don’t even know. How sad that people have come to this behavior.

If it was a prank, it was NOT funny —it was hurtful. Find something else to do with your time!

Kathleen Charlsen