Mahtomedi man charged after 10 pounds marijuana found in home

A Mahtomedi man faces drug charges after 10 pounds of marijuana was found at his home.

Washington County Sheriff deputies were dispatched to an address after a report of a residential alarm sounding. The home was later identified as belonging to Dustin Anthony Wittern.

Court documents state that when deputies arrived, they noticed that a large window close to the front door had been smashed, so they entered the premises. While checking the inside of the home to ensure safety, deputies noticed a marijuana smell. They then noticed that the rear hatch window of one of the vehicles was open.

According to court documents, when Wittern arrived, deputies were still investigating the home. A warrant was obtained, and during a search, officers found several bags of marijuana, drug paraphernalia and $1,300 in cash.

The large bags found throughout the premises were determined to contain marijuana and had a total weight of 4.63 kilograms or 10 pounds.

  • eduardo73

    People who have quantities of cannabis in their homes should never subscribe to any security system that links directly to law enforcement. CCTV and S&W are better options.

  • Kim

    This story omits some key details! When and where did this occur?? What was he charged with?? When was he charged? There were two vehicles inside the house? (Or did you fail to mention they also searched the garage? Or that the vehicles were outside?)