Lake Life: Sudden changes



This has been a three week span of sudden changes. If you were a visitor to the area from another world, and you could only look out the window once a week, you would be asking, “What happened?”

The views from Long Lake have been dramatic. Three weeks ago, I took a picture of one of the bays with its beautiful colors. It couldn’t have made a better picture. Then, a week later, I took a picture of the same area. The colors were gone. There was even a thin layer of frost on the ground. There was even a thin layer of ice that had formed over half of the lake. Many of the area holding ponds were totally frozen over.

However, the ice did not last long. Some of the warm winds churned the water, and the ice disappeared. But it was a hint of what is to come. With the cold weather this week, the ice is forming again. As the sun’s angle is dropping, the sunlight is having a hard time melting the ice, the rays reflect off the ice. However, don’t be fooled. Any runoff can weaken those shorelines quickly, and it is not safe for kids or animals.

Even the small trees and bushes near the lake have changed in the past week. Protected, they were the last of the vegetation to keep their colors except for some of the grasses and weeds. Their turn is coming.

The last field of corn was being harvested near the airport in Lake Elmo. I found a few geese and three white swans roaming the fields looking for any traces of corn that were missed by the harvester. Dust was flying all around the harvester as it finished. The field that took months to grow took hours to harvest. With the stretch of dry weather, it should help the farmers with lower moisture content in the corn.

Most of us could attest to that as well. As we raked and mowed the mounds of leaves that were blown into our yards, the leaves have lost their moisture quickly since falling off the trees. Unfortunately, those with allergies to the dust are probably sneezing.

David Fabio is a local author and nature photographer. His latest book “Water Pressure” can be reviewed at