Police: Disorderly conduct, deer at Lakeview Hospital

Man cited for disorderly conduct

Stillwater police cited a 44-year-old St. Paul man for disorderly conduct after he caused a scene at the same location twice in one night.

Officers responded to Lucky’s Gas Station when an employee said a man was stranded. He was ultimately picked up by his girlfriend and left.

Another call came in from the gas station shortly after the police left, saying the same man was yelling and swearing at the gas station, with a female and her child in close proximity, claiming that some males were attempting to assault him.

Police reports state that an employee at the station told officers the man barreled in through the door to the gas station and told the employee to call the police, saying something similar to, “I told her they were after me.”

Police did not see any evidence of assault, and the employee confirmed that he or she hadn’t seen anyone assaulting the man.

When police arrived, the report states, the man kept talking about parties being after him and swearing loudly in front of the woman and child.

The man was placed under arrest and would only be released to a responsible adult party.

Deer at Lakeview

On Saturday, Oct. 27 a deer tried to enter Lakeview Hospital when it injured itself and got blood on the door. The deer was last seen heading toward Lily Lake. Police were unable to locate the deer after following the blood trail.

Compiled by Avery Cropp – [email protected]