Familiar face in a new place


Though she’s only been at her new job for a few days, Sally Anderson is settling in nicely to her role as Community Thread’s executive director.

Anderson recently moved to Community Thread after three years of holding senior leadership positions at Valley Outreach.

“I had the wonderful opportunity to meet a lot of volunteers,” she said. “Valley Outreach runs on volunteer help, and I was so impressed by the spirit of generosity in our community.”

Anderson is excited to take the helm of what could be consid-ered a connections center in the community to help individuals and groups get more involved and expand the opportunities to enhance the volunteer spirit in the St. Croix Valley.

“We are very pleased to have Sally Anderson as the new executive
director,” said Al Godfrey, Chairman of the Community Thread Board of Directors. “Her experience as a nonprofit leader and her knowledge of the community will benefit the organization as we continue to support volunteerism, help seniors stay connected and build a stronger community in collaboration with our partners. This is an exciting time in Community Thread’s continuing evolution.”

Anderson spoke proudly of the programs and successes the organization has had in the past, including the establishment of the medical reserve corps, the mobilization of people to help tamp down flooding and sand-bagging in 2011, Community Thread’s various senior programs, other classes, maintaining the community center feel of the organization, and the ability of the organization to help those looking for volunteer and service learning opportunities find the right fit for them.

“For me, I was ready to take on a larger role in the community,” Anderson said of the switch. “When Valerie Jones was here for eight-and-a-half years, she really set the organization up to be successful into the future, and her strategic planning skills will help us to grow and thrive as we enter the next stage of our evolution.”

Anderson expects that with the upcoming baby boomer retirements a flood of people will be looking for volunteer work.

“I’m expecting to have larger and larger amounts of people looking for things that allow them to do something meaningful for the wider community,” Anderson said.

She’s also hoping to continue to engage people of all ages so they stay connected and less isolated in this technology-driven world.

“I’m looking forward to the challenge,” Anderson said. “A lot of people don’t know all that we do, for example if a person needs a ride to a medical appointment we can go into our database and see if there’s anyone available to help them, so we do provide some lifesaving services. Yet a lot of people don’t know about us, and I’m hoping to make sure that there’s a lot more visibility of our whole organization.”

Though she has some ideas of what to do going forward, she’s still working on the research.

“We are for the whole community, and our organization casts a wide net,” Anderson said. “I want to help the community’s unmet needs, and I still need to do some research to figure out what those are.”


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