Howlin’ in Bayport

Ben Plasse (vocals, upright bassist/banjo), Jared Green (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Ian Craft (vocals, banjo, mandolin fiddle) (Photo courtesy of Joshua Black Wilkins)
Ben Plasse (vocals, upright bassist/banjo), Jared Green (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Ian Craft (vocals, banjo, mandolin fiddle) (Photo courtesy of Joshua Black Wilkins)

Nashville-based Americana band The Howlin’ Brothers are about to hit Bayport on Saturday.

The band has been touring the country and parts of Canada since shortly after their latest CD release, HOWL, and one of the next stops on its HOWL tour includes the Bayport BBQ on Saturday Nov. 9.

The band’s bluegrass influence at times veers into dixieland and country-blues territory but they always aim to have a great time.

Band members include Ian Craft who places banjo, mandolin and fiddle; Jared Green who plays guitar and harmonica; and Ben Plasse who is an upright bass/banjo player. They all do vocals.

The men went to college together at Ithaca University in New York where they majored in various parts of the music spectrum. Craft studied percussion performance, while Green and Plasse majored in classical guitar and recording and grew to enjoy making music together.

In 2005 they decided to move to Nashville, and they began making music full time in 2010.

“Around the end of college we were interested in groups like Old Crow, and the soundtrack for “O Brother Where Art Thou,” Plasse said from a tour stop at Rock Island, Ill. “We were in Ithaca for a bit. Then Jared and Ian moved to Nashville, and I followed a little while after. We were really drawn into the folk music scene there.”

They’ve previously self-released three albums: Tragic Mountain Songs (2007), Long Hard Year (2009), Baker St. Blues (2011) and a compilation of live performances Old Time All the Time (2012).

Plasse said the band just finished another EP with Sun Studios and will have another out in March.

“Ian and Jared have always been my favorite musicians since I’ve met them, and they started it right out of college,” Plasse added. “I rented a room from them in Nashville while I did sound stuff for musicals, and it’s just been great for me because I joined up with my favorite band and have been all around the world with them,”

Though the world so far includes Canada, Plasse said that some things are in the works for Europe in the spring.

“The tour’s been really great and awesome,” Plasse said. “Our gigs have been really fun.”

The band members hope to continue to bring the fun with their show in Bayport.

“I think what people seem to say most about our performance is that we play a lot of songs that are more happy than most bands, and though we do take it down and play soft and slow sometimes, we don’t stay down there for long,” Plasse said. “We like to play things that get people up and dancing. It’s a lot of fun, and we’re really loose, fun and upbeat.”

The all-ages show begins at 8 p.m. and tickets cost $8. For more information on the band, and to hear some of their music visit To purchase tickets for the event email or call Bayport BBQ at [email protected] or 651-955-6337.


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