Township encourages joint board discussion

Stillwater Township’s board  came before the Stillwater City Council at its 4:30 p.m. meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 29, to get some clarification on a decision that was made in response to the request to extend an orderly annexation agreement for five years on July 2, 2013.

The council at that time voted unanimously to not extend the agreement.

The current agreement sunsets on Jan. 1, 2015, and doesn’t require the city to annex the township property by that date but leaves the option to do so. Landowner rights are still in effect until 2020. The council had agreed unanimously not  to extend the agreement.

The Township representatives called on the council to continue to move forward in the same framework that they are currently using to deal with the development issues. The framework is for the two bodies to meet as a joint board to continue discussions for each side as the annexation agreement moves forward.

Township Board Chairman Dave Johnson  said that in the past the framework of the discussion has served the groups well and helped maintain a positive relationship between the parties during various conversations regarding development.

“My thoughts and feelings on this is that the joint board has served us well and allowed us to sit down and have a discussion to share divergent ideas and find common ground,” Stillwater Mayor Ken Harycki said.

“We’re encouraging the dialogue to continue as we move forward, and we’ve welcomed the suggestion of Councilman Tom Weidner to take the original decision off the table so we can move forward with our dialogue to work this out,” Johnson said.

The council agreed to continue discussions and follow the process established in the framework of the discussion.

The council also:

• Learned that the Army Corps of Engineers will finish up the levee project by the end of the week which will allow work on the South Lowell Park bathrooms to move forward. City Engineer Shawn Sanders said that the city also plans to get the remaining three parking lots resurfaced by the end of November.

• Heard from Brent Peterson of the Washington County Historical Society that Stillwater was officially 170 years old yesterday based on historical documents signed by the lumber barons of the city.

• Designated 104 Sherburne Street N. a problem property due to the fact that multiple calls have come in from neighbors. Over the past 18 months police have been called to residence 20 times with the calls resulting in at least 11 combined incidents that include fifth-degree assaults, underage consumption and disorderly conduct incidents. The city agreed to level a $1,500 annual fine for a minimum of two years. It will last for at least two years, and possibly longer, depending on whether the problem persists. The individuals that rent the property are currently seeking help from the social services department of Washington County as a couple residents in the home have special needs.

• Approved the installation of a fluid cooler on top of Lakeview Hospital.

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