Letter: Can’t afford not to support the levy

Can you afford $14 more a month for our children? I would say you cannot afford not to. If we do not renew the school levy, changes to the operating norm will be made to meet the budget cuts. These changes include: reducing the number of teaching positions or, in effect, increasing the class size; reducing the music program; restructuring or eliminating an elementary school; implementing a four-day school week which reduces transportation costs. The last one impacts both public and private schools.

The community has not increased local funding beyond the rate of inflation in more than a decade. The state funding increase received is below inflation levels. In fact, the levy proposal was built with new state funding in mind, which meant the district could request fewer dollars from taxpayers than it would have otherwise needed.

The most telling is the accompanying graph from the district, which shows how we rank against other metro communities and the impact to Stillwater schools if the levy is not approved. The question is, would you want to live in a community that is at the bottom of this list? Will families move into a district that does not support the education of our kids? What do you think will happen to your home values? Even if you do not have kids in school, the school levy still affects you.

Dave and Pat Schultz