Section 14

Town of West Lakeland
(Official Publication)
Summary of Amendment to the Town Code
Amendment to add Section 14- Special Well and Boring Construction Areas
The Town Board of the Town of West Lakeland has adopted a revision to the Town Code by amending sections;;; 14.8.1; 14.9.1 and the definitions included in Section 14.
Purpose. The purpose of the amendment is to conform to Minnesota Department of Health recommendations for determining what TCE concentration levels will trigger the need to install granular activated carbon filter systems in homes with new wells and to adopt new standards for testing where TCE concentrations are of concern but do not warrant the requirement of installing a GAC filter. The amendment also adopts a requirement to disclose the installation of a GAC filter in a home to a buyer of the affected property.
Penalty. The enforcement provisions of the ordinance are unchanged.
Availability of full text of amendment. A copy of the entire text of the code amendment is on file with the Town Clerk and may be inspected during normal business hours.
The Town Board of the Town of West Lakeland has approved this Summary on this 14th day of October, 2013 and has determined that the summary clearly informs the public of the intent and effect of the code amendment.
Daniel Kyllo, Chairman
Susan Agrimson, Clerk
10/25/13, Section 14 Amendment

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