Excavator vandalized

A ‘KOBELCO’ hydraulic excavator was damaged at an unknown time possibly over the weekend.

The excavator was parked at Oak Glen Golf Course as the company, Twin Pines Earth, is doing some work on the bridge nearby.

All windows were broken in a cab, and there was spray painted writing on the cab. Estimated damages was around $3,000. It’s unknown if anything was stolen or damaged from the cab.

Disorderly conduct report

A man was cited for disorderly conduct after being caught urinating in the parking lot east of Smalley’s.

The man at first denied urinating, though his pants were down and police told the man to sit on their car as they wrote out the citation.

The drunk man then walked away from police before being issued the citation. A foot chase ensued, and the man was taken to jail and later released to a responsible sober party.

Compiled by Avery Cropp – avery.cropp@ecm-inc.com