Stolen cars, theft from vehicles reports leap

SPD logo-1The Stillwater Police Department had more stolen vehicles and theft from motor vehicles reported this weekend than in the past six months.

Reports from the weekend indicate four motor vehicles were stolen and at least seven cars were broken into. The increase in thefts comes on the heels of various smash-and-grabs that took place over Harvest Fest weekend, Oct. 12-13, but department spokesman Sgt. Jeff Stender said the Harvest Fest incidents were not related to the thefts last weekend.

“The ones over this weekend were a series of burglaries with open garages and open vehicle burglaries,” Stender said. “The motor vehicle thefts occurred because keys were left in the cars. There was an attempt to start one car with hot-wiring, which caused damage to the vehicle in an attempt to get it started.”

Thefts of the vehicles took place from late at night into the early morning hours from Friday Oct. 18 to Saturday, Oct. 19.

Stender said that two of the stolen cars were recovered in town, one was recovered in Ramsey County, and other stolen vehicles were recovered out of Shoreview and Lake Elmo. One occupied stolen vehicle that was also taken in does not appear to be related to these stolen cars.

“It’s a group of people and more than two and we’re sure of that,” Stender added.
Stender said the department is working with other cities to find the culprits in the stolen cars and motor vehicle property thefts by following credit card trails.

“We do have leads to follow up on with credit cards that have been used. In general we know where the cars were taken from initially and where the cars were found dumped, and we’ll follow up on the credit cards to try and get IDs and link people to the crime.”

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